Sarah Stardust - EP

by Sarah D. Coleman

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"Sarah Stardust has an awesome ability to combine science and humor together." - Special Moves

Sarah Stardust will rocket launch you face-first into the extreme abilities of water bears or why Schrödinger's cat might be undead. WAMU 88.5 listed the track Water Bears as a top 10 pick in D.C. for NPR’s Tiny Desk Contest.


released January 1, 2017

Original photo by Monica Schneider



all rights reserved


Sarah Stardust Washington, D.C.

Sarah Stardust is a solo project dedicated to laughing, learning, and music in the name of science.

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Track Name: Water Bears
if you were a water bear / you'd have eight legs and bristle hair / you'd have a nozzle for a face / you might be a creature from outer space / water bears / tardigrades / moss piglets are their names / they're awesome sauce / living off moss / they're small enough to rock your socks / some animals die / water bears revive / they're zombies that know how to swim / Romero can't comprehend them / and if they get sent out to space / they'll be okay 'cus you can say / some animals die / water bears revive / honey badgers wouldn't care if it weren't for the water bear / they just can't take on the heat / literally to the degree / they can withstand radiation / a thousand times more than we can / Marie Curie curiously might have lived / if she had been a water bear / tardigrade / thrives in zero centigrade / pressurized / left out to dry / they still make it out just fine / panspermia is a funny word / 'cus the word sperm is in that word / they're extremophiles that travel far / enough to bring a brand new start to earth / if you were a water bear / you'd have eight legs and not one care / you'd wiggle 'round without a thought / and secretly you'd be an astronaut
Track Name: Supernova
do you look up at the sky when you're down at night? / does it make you feel small or insignificant? / look up at those lights / you know that can't be right / stars might look small but are so magnificent / all parts of us are made of space dust / do you know what you really are? / the iron in our blood is the heaviest element in the death of a star / so go supernova / did you know you can change space and time? / let go supernova / and leave all your remnants behind / get drawn to one another / you're an event horizon / build your energy / it's almost mass accretion / if you ever feel weighed down / don't let dark matter bum you out / remember even light gets refraction / so go supernova / did you know you can change space and time? / let go supernova / and leave all your remnants behind / negativity's corrosive / positively be explosive / not to say the universe is that easy / some may be pre-Copernican / don't let yourself become like them / it takes more than one star to form a galaxy / so go supernova / did you know you can change space and time? / let go supernova / and leave all your remnants behind
Track Name: Schrodinger's Cat is Undead
Schrödinger's problematic cat for decades raised a brow / wouldn't you think that feline might have died by meow? / it's been since 1935 that Schrode's cat became in question / wouldn't you think we'd be more certain this far past degeneration? / what of this feline? / is it feral is it furry? / is the box you speak of buried in the pet cemetery? / could there be a resolution that extends beyond philosophy / let's admit the true ordeal we might need to accept pragmatically is / Schrödinger's cat is undead / the mechanics of the matter might be relatively easy / imagine a tangled kitty in a ball of string theory / both deceased and alive you might presume it to be / so the result must be undead / why not try to cross the streams? / Robert Kirkman could be inspired to put his work to bed / instead pitch a new series you could call the snuggling dead / it's like a beast of Lovecraft stalking land instead of sea / sorry mister waffles / lose one point of sanity / Schrödinger's cat is undead / how can we superimpose a superposition / aren't there enough youtube videos of cats in momentum? / a quantum state dichotomy is a lot now more like 3 / Simon Pegg might need a hand if he makes this a parody / in doing the experiment we should research first for later / we could watch a documentary / have you seen re-animator? / the saying must be true / curiosity killed the cat / if we didn't sneak a peek / we might by chance have brought it back / Schrödinger's cat is undead / what's in the box? / it's an empty box / without a scratch post will it leave claw marks? / does it sound a meow if no one's there to see? / I hope the scientists gave it holes to breathe / Schrödinger's cat is undead / Schrödinger's cat is radioactive
Track Name: Mutation Sucks
if you think the ninja turtles evolved after getting slime'd / you might then be mistaken / evolving takes far more time / mutation's what that's called / and it doesn't happen much / could be toxin exposure or irradiated sludge / mutation is detrimental / I am saying that it's really not that helpful / so try to curb your charisma / unless you happen to be a hydra / used to think back when you'd evolve to X-Men / if you fell in a vat of a dangerous chem / but species vary and they're all unique / that's in part the result of making tons of babies / a stalk eyed fly's antennae may seem stretched out way too wide / as gross as this will sound / that is where they keep their eyes / could make you think of alien / don't let that stir your fright / a stalk eyed fly will group at dusk and mostly roost at night / mostly / stalk eyed fly heard another scoff / he didn't understand why he buzzed everybody off / knowing their antennae weren't as wide / compensating for their lack of ... site / said a female fly, "I think you're my phenotype!" / that wide antennae really caught my eye / and even though the other males are bugged by you / I really like that stretchy thing you do with your face / a lyrebird's a lying bird / they chirp like a chainsaw / mimicking the things they've heard to sound like they belong / "I'm a tool!" / traits help with surviving be it how to hunt or bait / adapting extreme temperatures / or how to choose a mate / but adapting isn't random you see / it's not like throwing dice or winning the lottery / variation though is unpredictable / and selection is all natural / used to think back when you'd evolve to X-Men / if you fell in a vat of a dangerous chem / but superhero wannabees / evolving's not like that you see / it's isolation / separation / and simply adapting